Jimmy Johnston


A Dream Studio


This shoot was sort of like a dream come true as far as locations go. Question: what happens when the studio you've got a job in decides to have construction done on the day you're supposed to work there? The owner of the studio lets you shoot upstairs in his amazingly gorgeous private residence. How do I know? It happened to me. Can't say I'm complaining though. 

IMG_7314 1.jpg

I first saw Robs studio about 10 years ago when I was looking on Pinterest for modern rustic minimalist design inspiration. Scrolling through pins, I clicked a link to a design blog, fell in love with this space and then at the end saw a portrait of the owner and realized "hey I know that guy!". Downstairs is a studio on one side, on the other another studio/event space, and upstairs it's modern-rustic-repurposed-factory-drenched-in-beaufirul-natural-light-loft heaven. No set dec required!

Not going to lie, it's been sort of a bucket list location for a little while now, one that I thought I'd never get to use because it's his personal residence and not a studio for rent. But thanks to badly timed construction (good timing for me?) in the studio downstairs I finally get to cross this one off the list. 

Photography and retouching by me (obviously?)

Wardrobe styling by Hannah Johnson, assisted by Marah Rice

Models Evie, Kate and Mariyah from MP Management

Shot for Studio Crush Atlanta