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Almost a year after my first shooting trip down to Seaside, FL I found myself heading back down there with Hannah, a model and a whole bunch of wardrobe. We were wanting to shoot something beachy but a little more classic than the usual swimwear route. And of course, the trip was made possible by our friend Jen Abernathy who let us use her second beach house for the weekend. 

We had a pretty hard time finding a model to go with us since it was Easter weekend that we went, everyone had family plans. I get that, but it was also kinda frustrating because Easter happens every year and free beach trip only happens once. But we eventually found the perfect person who was free to go and it all turned out better than we could have imagined!

Model: Maryse from UWM

Wardrobe and makeup: Hannah Johnson

And then as a bonus, before we headed down there, another Atlanta model that I'd never met or shot before saw on Instagram that I mentioned planning a beach trip to Seaside and sent me a message. Turns out her parents live about 15 minutes away from where we were staying and she was going to be visiting for the weekend. So the day after we shot Maryse, Taylor stopped by the beach house to hang out and shoot for a little bit. And double bonus time, Ursula has a model who lives in south west Alabama, about a6 hour drive to Atlanta, but only 2 hours from Seaside, so I hit Mary up while I was down there and she came too, it was a pretty fun weekend. 

And to top it all off, Monday morning as I was trying to find motivation to pack up and leave, Jen messaged and and told me to hang out and stay an extra day ... so that's exactly what I did (Jen is the best, you have no idea). So Tuesday morning I pack up, hit the road, drive straight to Atlanta and arrive at my studio 5 minutes before a client does for a job. I timed that one out perfectly!


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