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Trying New Things

Like most photographer when starting out, you'll do just about anything to pay the bills. And shooting weddings are one of those things. Some photographers find their niche and continue that and do amazing at it (my friends Ben and Colleen are the best wedding photographers ever in my opinion) and others (myself) never could quite get the hang of it. Over the last year, I've the thought a few times that I wanted to shoot bridal stuff, but on the editorial/advertising side of it. 

Well after a while of talking about it I was finally able to get a test together and make it happen. We were able to shoot in Rob Brinson's beautiful studio at King Plow (another thing I've wanted to do for a while). The natural light in the studio was so amazing from the massive bank of factory windows and we had a perfect overcast day, just a little pop of fill flash from the Broncolor Octa 150 and everything was perfect. I used my Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art for most of the day, allowing me to get closer to the models while also allowing me to capture all the ambience that the studio had to offer. 

And once the photos were all done, Dana stuck around for a little bit longer and we made a short video with the little Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. So happy with everything!

Dresses from Buckhead Bridals at Guffey's

Models: Hadi, Sarah and Dana from Factor

Makeup by Erica Bogart

Hair by Emily Knight

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