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Midtown Rooftop - BTS


This post is coming about a year and half late.

I'd been wanting to do a shoot with flowy dresses, that was the extent of my idea. I'd initially thought about doing it on top of a mountain with the sky as a background but I hadn't sold myself on that. So I called up a wardrobe stylist and told her what I was wanting to do to see if she had any input. And she did! That's the best part about collaboration, putting my ideas with someone else's and making things happen. As it turns out, she had just met the owner of the Ponce Condominiums in Midtown overlooking the Fox Theater. They got to talking and he offered to let us use the rooftop for a shoot. Wow!

So on a hot July day that's what we did. We met at my studio that morning to get everything ready, the headed to the location where we had access to the entire rooftop overlooking the city, a beautiful spiral staircase, and the penthouse suite on that sits under the towers. We made sure to make use of every aspect we could find. 

Also, I feel the need to talk about the hat. A friend of mine gave me a hat says "pimp" on it as a joke, and everyone hates it. So sometimes I'll show up wearing it as a joke and then realize that I don't want my head to get sunburnt so I end up wearing it all day. Then periodically throughout the day I'll remember that I'm wearing it and get embarrassed, but I keep wearing it. Just in case you were wondering about that ;) 

And of course it was all made possible by the wonderful crew!

Model: Katie W. w/Factor

Wardrobe stylist: Jenna Atkins

Hair and makeup: Erin Tierney

BTS photos: Jonathan Walker

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