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Creative Lust

For a little while now I've been fascinated with the mixing of paints. It started from seeing little videos on Instagram where people would mix different acrylic colors together, the streaks and smears that happen before the pigments form a new colors are mesmerizing. And since Instagram added the stories function a friend of mine who paints with watercolor would post stories of her inks making their way through the water and it was so beautiful. So I did what any photographer/videographer would do asked her to bring all of her stuff to the studio so we could make something fun!

So here it is, Creative Lust ... which coincidentally is her Instagram handle (I may have borrowed that title from her)

Watercolors by Francis Matia Styons St. Francis/@creativelust


I've never made a video like this before, pretty much had no idea what I was going to and was winging it the whole time. I definitely learned a few things in the process and know how to improve in the future, but all things considered, quite happy with how it turned out!

Here's a little iPhone snap of the setup. Kinos lighting it from each side, the Blackmagic pocket camera with a Rokinon 16mm Cinelens on Cavision rails hanging by the top handle from a c-stand with a super clamp, and a 7" field monitor off to the side so we could see what we were doing.

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