Jimmy Johnston


Timelapse BTS

I haven't made any videos in a while on test shoots, sometimes it's just too much to run two cameras and switching between two lighting setups (strobes for photos and constant lights for video). I've missed making videos and decided to make one but not worry about all that, so dusted off the ol' Blackmagic pocket camera, put it on a tripod and did a little behind the scenes time lapse for a little test I did. 

You can't really see the whole setup, but I've got a Broncolor Octa 150 camera left, with another 3' octa below it to make sure legs are lit as well, white v-flat camera right, and a strip softbox behind the v-flat for a little bit of fill on the right side of the backdrop.

Models: Fernanda and Karen from UWM 

Makeup and hair: Kathleen Padgett

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